Watching live football on Sopcast for free

sopcast11 207x300 Watching live football on Sopcast for freeSopCast is a software program that can be downloaded free of charge at and it provides a simple and free way to watch video (or radio) broadcasts on the Internet. It’s based on P2P technology (Peer-to-Peer), is very easy to install and use. In fact, in more than 5 minutes you should be ready to start watching live football on Sopcast.

The installation process takes less than 5 minutes and after that you can immediately start accessing live tv channels through a login (which can be the default anonymous account “”, which I usually use myself).

One of its major benefits over other competing applications is that Sopcast uses Windows Media Player (wmp) on the background, which allows you to enlarge the image and watch football matches in full screen.

After downloading and installing SopCast, you will see mini-console windows application with three tabs at the top (Home, Channels, and My Server). To access the list of available tv channels, click Channels and you will see dozens of tv channels from around the world ranging from Brazil, Italy, France, USA, China, Poland, …, organized by themes such as sports, music, comedy, and others. sopcast2 300x242 Watching live football on Sopcast for free[/caption]

Ready to watch live football on Sopcast

The final step to start watching live football on Sopcast is to select a channel, which will open a window on the right side of the program: if the selected channel is currently broadcasting and it is online, you will see a message on the bottom of the Player saying “Connecting to Channel” and then something like “Buffering 23%”.

Wait a few seconds (or minutes, it depends) and when the buffer is close to 100%, you will start seeing the picture and you can now open it in full screen in Windows Media Player by clicking the button on the right below.

If you see a black screen saying “SOAP Impression”, bad news: that means that the channel is offline and you have to search another source.

That’s it, these are the basic instructions to start watching free live football on Sopcast. The software allows you do a lot more advanced things, like broadcast your own channel on the Internet or embed the SopCast player on web pages (you can find more about it on

Finding links to Live Football on Sopcast

A final (important) note to mention the ‘Address’ bar at the top of the application. It is very common to find people sharing Sopcast links addresses for football matches in forums and websites (check, usually with the format SOP: / / 7464. If you can not open those links automatically in SopCast, you have to copy the address to the Address’ bar in SopCast and then click the button (an arrow) to the right of the address to open the channel. That’s it: you can now watch thousands of hours of live football on Sopcast!

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